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How to keep your nails beautiful 7 days non stop!

I wish I knew years ago what I know today about keeping a perfect manicure for a full week. Nail polish chipping away after a day or two has always been very frustrating to me. Let’s be honest: walking around with chipped nail polish looks  bad. And needless to say that no matter how beautiful we dress if our nails look like hell it will be the first thing people notice about us. 

Since it took me so long to figure out how to keep my hands looking good at all times I decided to share my technique with you so your hands can speak for you favorably and add value to your style. Not take away from it!

The Ultimate Nail Polishing Technique will make your manicure last for a long time. It doesn't cost a dime... Just a minute a day to: 

  1. Strengthen your nails,
  2. Grow your nails the length you want,
  3. Keep your nail polish perfect for 7 days no-stop! 

So let’s polish with The Ultimate Nail Polishing Technique ©.

  • Make sure your nails are:
    • Filed and shaped properly and not brittle (very important);
    • Rinsed off. No grease or oil on the nails;
    • Cuticles pulled back.
  • Apply
    • A Base Coat - let dry for 2 minutes;
    • A first coat of nail polish - let dry for 5 minutes;
    • A Second coat of nail polish - let dry for 10 minutes;
    • A Top coat, let dry for 10 minutes;
    • Then rinse under cold water for 2 minutes to harden the nail polish.
  • Let dry
    • Sit back and relax for 30 minutes;
    • Be careful when dressing up or handling objects not to scratch them. Nail polish remains a bit wet for an hour or two;
    • Never do a manicure before going to bed.
  • Daily maintenance (of outmost importance!)
    • Reapply a clear TOP COAT every morning. It only takes 30 seconds. Do it while the coffee is brewing and let dry while your are drinking it. Eh voilà! Your manicure is good to go for another day.

Now you can enjoy a manicure that looks fresh every day. Be proud of your hands. You are ready to show off!


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