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The Comfy Points LM Loyalty Program - Laeticia Moreno


How do I earn COMFY Points?

  • First things first... create an account on our website and earn: 50 points
  • Refer a friend to Laeticia Moreno and earn: 50 points
  • Achieving one year with us from the date you created your account earns you: 150 points
  • Share one of your favorite product on social networks and earn: 25 points 
  • Earn 1 point per dollar spent before shipping fees and taxes.


Can I earn more and more COMFY points by being a loyal customer?

Yes! Being a loyal customer constantly earns you more 'points per dollar spent'. This is done by achieving a certain tier level such as: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

For example: 

  • Your first purchase immediately makes you a Bronze member. As a Bronze member you earn 1 COMFY point per dollar spent.
  • When your have purchased 3,000$CDN or more (before shipping and taxes) the program automatically upgrades you to the Silver tier. You now earn 1.5 COMFY points per dollar spent.
  • When you have purchased 5,000$CDN or more (before shipping and taxes) the program automatically upgrades you to a Gold tier member. You now earn 2 COMFY points per dollar spent.

Please allow up to 72 hours from time of purchase for points to reflect in your account. Points are calculated on the amount purchased before taxes and shipping fees.


How do I redeem COMFY points?

Login to your account when visiting. Click on any product of your choice. The amount of points required to redeem the product is indicated just below the product name. Click on the Redeem Point button (under the Add to Cart button) to redeem product. Fill out the shipping address form and click done.

You need to have the exact amount (or more) of COMFY points in your account to redeem a product. Products have to be paid in full with either money or COMFY points.

Your COMFY Points will then be deducted from your account.


Can I redeem multiple products in one order?

Unfortunately, our program allows to redeem only one product per order. We apologize for this inconvenience.

But if you have COMFY Points left... Logout, login and redeem again!


How much are my COMFY Points worth? 

> 50 points are required to redeem 1$cdn.

Bronze member: earn 2% of the amount purchased (1$ spent -> 1 Point)

Silver member: earn 3% of the amount purchased (1$ spent  -> 1.5 Points)

Gold member: earn 4% of the amount purchased (1$ spent  -> 2 Points)

It always cost the same amount of points to redeem a product no matter what tier you are in. The only difference is that points accumulate much faster once you get in Silver and Gold tiers.


How do I check my COMFY Point balance?

Once logged into your account, your balance appears on the upper right just above the main menu on our website (given you have accumulated COMFY Points). This way you always know how many COMFY Points you can count on. 



LM Rewards Program - Earn COMFY Points!

We are pleased to offer our clientele a Rewards Program that enables you to earn and redeem COMFY Points on all products and services available on our website. COMFY Points accumulate rapidely and are easier than ever to redeem. Don't leave money on the table! Open your account and start redeeming now. Its easy and money in the bank for you!

Earning and redeeming COMFY POINTS

$ CAD1
Earns you
$ CAD1
Redeems to

Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase
  • Refer a friend
  • Share on social media

Learn more about our program