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Styling Appointments


 Saturday - January 30th 2016

Sunday - January 31st 2016

N/A 10:00hrs
N/A 10:30hrs
11:00hrs  11:00hrs
11:30hrs - A. RANCOURT 11:30hrs -  G. GOODWIND
13:00hrs 13:00hrs
13:30hrs 13:30hrs
12:00hrs -  L. LARSON 12:00hrs N/A
14:00hrs 14:00hrs
14:30hrs 14:30hrs
15:00hrs :  15:00hrs 
15:30hrs - S. THOMAS 15:30hrs -  E. ST-AMOUR
16:00hrs 16:00hrs
16:30hrs 16:30hrs
17:00hrs -  D. LAFLAMME 17:00hrs
17:30hrs 17:30hrs

LM Rewards Program - Earn COMFY Points!

We are pleased to offer our clientele a Rewards Program that enables you to earn and redeem COMFY Points on all products and services available on our website. COMFY Points accumulate rapidely and are easier than ever to redeem. Don't leave money on the table! Open your account and start redeeming now. Its easy and money in the bank for you!

Earning and redeeming COMFY POINTS

$ CAD1
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$ CAD1
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Ways you can earn

  • Product Purchase
  • Refer a friend
  • Share on social media

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